1. Hagar
    November 29, 2015 @ 3:25 pm

    I have dealt with anxiety depression and just the basic fear of going out and being with others since my childhood. Most of them were not even looked at back then. But after diagnosed with lymphoma 8/17/98 they all became much much worse I kept working until 2010 when my oncologist told me hey you’ve put up a good fight but stress of your job is taking years off of your life (transportation manager of 75 to 125 drivers)
    So I bit the bullet applied for SSDI I got my approval letter just after the 5 month wait period
    I did get an atty as I see everyone gets denied at first and yes I could live at i laws house but that became so bad dealing with mother in law with bad dementia. Pretty much stayed in bedroom all the time if not showering bathroom or cooking etc
    I had a phone interview with a man from SS dept who asked me why I got a lawyer and I told him why he said not everyone needs one
    I can think the reason was a history of fighting cancer from 98 to 2010 (relapsed 6 times)
    But I believe for any of you the importance of having a doctor who you’ve been a patient of go a couple of years at least who backs your disability strongly is more important than anything else
    Document Document Document!!!!!
    The more you do the better!!
    Good luck


    • Mary Pizinger
      January 5, 2017 @ 10:16 am

      Hello I am on disability for my anxiety and depression I got denied for it i kept fighting it for 5 years I also had a excellent attorney. Well finally 2 months ago I finally was approved I fought it all the way had to go see the judge 3 times if you can be patient and just fight it all the way u will probably be approved.


  2. Jen
    July 7, 2016 @ 3:25 pm

    Hi, I am on SSI/D for depression since 2000. My family had to get me a lawyer because they denied me in my early 20’s when my dad tried to help me get on it then in my 30’s denied again then a few years after denied again. I had to stand in front of a judge with my mom, my moms fiance, my lawyer and explain to the judge what happens to me when I am depressed. It was one of the hardest days I have ever encountered. I knew I needed help but at the same time I did not want anyone to give up on me. On the days where I feel good, I function like everyone else. When I’m depressed, I can’t focus then my fibromyalgia kicks in as well as negative self image then pain. Sometimes I’m numb, other times I cry and sometimes I am very very mad. When I get overwhelmed is usually when I have anxiety or when I worry too much. It is difficult to raise a son feeling like this on and off. He is 17 now but he lives with depression (me) I wish I could just get over whatever it is that’s keeping me down or I wish my body/ brain did not have the chemical balance and would just heal properly without drugs…my life would be awesome! Everyone gets denied at least 3 times. You may have to get one of those lawyers that help for next to nothing. Good luck and be thankful you are working. If I had a job I would probably feel so much better. Hugs.


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