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High AnXieties was created in February of 2012 by myself, Victoria Cannon, on Facebook as a support page for those who have generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. These mental health disorders are what I have personal experience with and felt most comfortable talking about. High AnXieties.org is now run by a small group of volunteers all with the common goal of continuing the support, encouragement and awareness. Since its creation we have created a Pinterst Page, Tumblr Page and Twitter account to spread our support further. This Website was created to display the collection of graphics that we’ve made for all our social media sites and as an archive of the frequently asked questions from our facebook page. Our mission for High AnXieties.org is to make it an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization because we see the need to increase our support, help educate others and to continue to create mental health awareness not only on the internet but also in person. We plan to continue to sell t-shirts, stickers and such so that anyone can create awareness anywhere in the world besides the internet and donate the profits to charity. Everyone here on High AnXieties.org knows from personal experience just how difficult these disorders are. We know that different types of treatment works differently for everyone and keeping an open mind to anything that can help is necessary. We hope that you can find encouragement here and find comfort knowing that You Are Not Alone in your fight for better mental health.

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Please keep in mind when contacting us, we are not a licensed medical group. We are only a support group. If you need treatment please contact a licensed mental health professional who specializes in your needs.

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