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  1. jody Foster
    December 5, 2015 @ 10:09 am

    I was Diagnosed With Class A Bipolar about 7 yrs.ago Iam Seeing a Specialists 1nce every 6 weeks,for Anger,Anxiety and Depression,The PHARMACUTICAL Meds Are Not Helping ue I am Highly “IMMUNED” to any type of Pharmacy Meds.I have Tryed to get Dr.to Provide Me With Stronger Meds ,but he jut will not Approve this Request.So I continue to suffer,This Bipolar has Started to Affect my 31 yr long Marriage.My Mind Runs Wild when Wife Does things out of the Ordinary.I worry,can’t eat,Sleep,Only I stay Confused,Can not handle Responsibilities.I live in Dallas,Ga30132,I seriously need a Physicologist,But I’m having a Issue finding One that Excepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield Ins.My Email is jodyf767@gmail.com If anyone that I can be Referred to Would be a Great Help.I am John Foster 511Muskogee Crossing Dallas,Ga 30132,Please Send Help to Me.I Sincerely Ned just not a Physicologist but a Friend as Well.Sincerely John Foster.


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